Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh My F#%king God, there is a video named "OMG"?!!!

Now I was really never an Usher fan. As a matter of fact, I haven't had one of his records since he was Usher Raymond. But the video that you are about to watch explains two things. 1. People will do anything to cling on to their own "relevant" and self created existences. Creativity isn't what matters any longer. Not to mention, he's just about out of it. 2. Usher, your career is juuuuuust about over. As a matter of fact, its spiraling down through the atmosphere and burning up like the asteroid Apophis. Unfortunately he's burning everything up around him too, because after watching this video, I don't want to create carbon dioxide just by breathing! Ahh the life out here in oblivion.


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Little Dragon Comes to Charlotte (Milestone) 3/21

Caught a piece of the Little Dragon Tour last night at the Milestone in West Charlotte. Truly an impressive show. This was some of "indi-music" at its finest. In a dark, marker/graffiti laden venue, with people smoking ciggs even though they banned it in all indoor restaurants and night clubs in the city a few months back. We also had the ESTEEMED pleasure of hearing an artist unfamiliar to Oblivion ears. Introducing VV Brown ladies and gents. She threw down something fierce while opening up for LD. Check the voice!


VV Brown

Little Dragon

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who's Bad?!

I've been reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire little by little over the past few weeks, mainly because I want to have the book read before I go see the play. And also because I have always been interested in hearing the other side of things... how did the Wicked Witch of the West get to be so wicked? What was up with those glittery shoes? Where did the flying monkeys come from? I'm only about a third of the way through so I really don't have many answers yet. But one thing that intrigues me and always has is the idea that maybe the bad guy really isn't so bad... or what really is evil? Sometimes, it's hard to tell. I think in some cases, it's all about perspective. Know your backstory.

I sympathize with Elphaba aka The Wicked Witch because in the past, I've been painted as the bad guy in a situation or two. Nothing serious. Teenage shenanigans mostly. Everything was eventually cleared up, but at the time I was a little astounded at the position I found myself in. Someone said this and someone said that and... somehow, I was left holding the bag... and I didn't know what was in the bag or what the bag even was. When I was 19, my roommate at the time told several people (all mutual friends or associates) that I stole her cell phone. I had no idea she was telling people this... to this day, I have no idea how she came up with this story or WHY (her cell phone was stolen by a waiter at a restaurant... and she knew it). All I knew was that people started acting strangely around me. They'd speak, but wouldn't hang around for long. I noticed it, said hmmmm and filed it away. Eventually, people realized something wasn't right and a few of them told me what was going on. I was astonshed, as the whole thing was just… stupid. From a common sense standpoint, where would I use a cell phone that I stole from a person whom I LIVED WITH in a small apartment? Who would I give the number to? We had the same friends. When I confronted her, she told me my friends who came to me were liars and that she knew the waiter stole the phone. Luckily for me, she totaled her car a couple of months later and had to move back home. She was physically fine (I'm not that mean) - only the car got hurt.

My point is, what if she had come up with a more believable story or had people who were more gullible to tell her tale to? Some of the people she talked to did believe her, at least for a few days. If this was a once upon a time situation, would I have been the Evil Cell-Phone Stealing Roommate? I'm sure I would have been illustrated wearing all black with teeth missing and warty skin… bleh. I had a friend run into her a couple of years ago and she was STILL saying I had stolen the phone! So if she was the one to write the story instead of me... how easily it shifts. In her mind, twisted as it may be, I'm definitely the bad guy. I've also been a witness to similar situations with friends, one fairly recently when someone accused a friend of mine of harming them physically. If the one telling the tale had been talking to less intelligent folks... who knows how it could have turned out? And that's pretty scary because... who knows how often this may have happened in history?

I took away two things, one of which being: to this day, I'm kind of suspicious of people who say… odd or off-putting things to me. I've been involved in enough situations by now with people who I felt kind of weird about, but assured myself that they were cool… only to realize I should have gone with my gut. My ex-roomie was one of those people. She said a few things prior to that incident, nothing that would have enabled me to foresee what ended up happening, but maybe that I should have paid a little more attention to. I pay more attention now… it may not result in a cut-off, but I might limit my association or watch carefully. Sometimes, it's good to be wary. 

The other: the bad guy you see isn't always the bad guy that IS. Sadly, in some cases, women are the best at painting the picture we want people to see… we are usually able to tap into emotions (real or fake) more easily, thereby bringing forth tears more easily, thereby going into hysterics more easily… thereby fully appearing "wronged." Just because someone is crying doesn't mean they are right. I've seen plenty of people victimized by "the cryer." Myself included. And sometimes the bad guy is dressed up to look like the good guy, smooth-talking, explanation for EVERYTHING. Watch out for them, too. And of course, as with most things, sometimes the bad guy really IS the bad guy. But there are always exceptions… be aware…


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sane by just a strand....

Have you ever thought how far you are from being "crazy"? All you need is the state to deem you unfit to take care of yourself, and your ass can be locked up in an asylum super quick.. Just something to think about.. We've all had crazy moments. Moments when we feel unsure, or even unstable. Think of how insignificant that tiny little voice in the head is when it says; "don't do it..." If its size could be measured, how big do you think that voice would be? Its probably pretty small. Which in turn is pretty HUGE. Where is this going? I don't really know. Just know that you are less than the width of a human hair from completely snapping and losing your "brain cookies" everyday. Knowing this, helps to keep you grounded appreciative. I had a friend who one day had a seizure and forgot everything that had happened to her over the course of a year and some change. What would you do if you lost a year and some change? Go just a "little" crazy you think? Respect the mind. Its nothing to take for granted, even though we all do.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Got away this past weekend.. Went down to Atlanta to experience DJ Kemet's monthly Spread Love event. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. Haven't been to a party like that in awhile. One of the most impressive things I came across on the weekend, is when I was outside speaking with Rich Medina, and I asked him; "So how you gonna hit em' tonight sun?" To which he confidently replied; "I'm going to try and KILL THEM out there tonight man.. I can't wait.." That's confidence every DJ should have before he gets ready to mash up the set. And kill them he did. Not going to say much else. Don't have too many pics.. For those, go and check out the Danger Means Nothing Blog. Got a quick vid.. I really wish I would have been filming a little longer. I was drunk to shit however, and really wasn't trying to focus on filming, as I was shaking my ass. Did I just say that? Destroyer of worlds, OUT!


Rich Medina @ Spread Love Atl 2/27 from ninja team on Vimeo.

A few pics

Monday, March 1, 2010

Shut Up

I realized how much I loved those two words the other day because some people… really just need to shut it. Warning: Personal Rant on board.

You sexy disaster you … When a guy I know snidely asked me if I donated any money to Haiti… I should have told him to shut up. In terms of societal usefulness, he is about as contributive as the mole on the back of my neck. But because he has decided to become a bandwagon altruist, he of course decided to completely ignore the fact that I've been a volunteer for years, not just during disasters, but also for non-sexy causes like helping the elderly and shit like that. I guess it's not important to help the 90-year old woman who is lonely and struggling unless a tsunami hits her house… And I by NO MEANS want to downplay the importance of helping people during times of disaster… it is a MUST. I have plenty of friends and family who genuinely support the cause out of the goodness of their hearts. But I also know a lot of people who do it as a form of competitive do-goodery (yeah, I just made that up). And they suck. The guy I referred to earlier simply wanted to segue into a spiel about his own contributions… and this is a person I have known to not give his friends a ride home if they needed one. You're a jerk face… shut up.

I know big words… Okay, so most of my friends and associates are well-read, learned individuals who could probably throw a lot of big words at you just for the hell of it. And they can do it without flipping through Roget's because they are well-read individuals, so their vocabulary is pretty expansive. Which is great. I love a smart mouth J However… on the flip-side, I know some people who feel like the bigger words they throw at you… the smarter it makes them seem. Whether they know what the hell they are talking about or not. I need people to at least know a loose definition of the words they are using before using them in a sentence when we're having a conversation. Stop inserting words into sentences that make no sense whatsoever so you can appear impressive. Shut up.

When things crash for a reason… so, some things are bound to fail. Whether it's because a part doesn't work the way it's supposed to, there wasn't enough testing done before you went full speed ahead… whatever, some shit just don't work. Sometimes you can fix it, sometimes you should just dump the whole thing in a landfill or let it be compacted into a cube of trash. So, when a relationship/friendship/partnership fails… a lot of the time, it's actually a good thing. Learning experience blah blah blah. What sucks is when one person wants to rehash the past in an effort to make themselves feel better about whatever bullshit they perpetrated. I have had ex-friends, ex-lovers, who want to do this… shut up. It's over. Leave the past in the past and get your life together. If you are not happy with where you are, it's probably because you didn't learn anything from the experience and are still trying to justify your behavior. Get over yourself and just… shut up.

And since I'm done, I'll take my own advice…

Don't make me send you back to Crenshaw Pete...