Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The IllumineMinded Ones

Been working on this for a second on the side. Its a little something giving up some props to people who are, or are going to make a difference in this world we live in. The difference can come through activism, artistry, or just being a cool ass muthaf&*ka. Most of these folks I've met. Others, I'd like to meet someday. Its a little I like to call, The IllumineMinded Ones. Enjoy!

Who: Nadia Pillay

What: An actor/yoga instructor by trade. She has been ever since we’ve met. Outspoken about what she feels passionate about (especially when it comes to acting and yoga), and is blessed with one of the most diverse minds I’ve ever met.

Why: One word; radiance.

When: I first met Nadia at the end of the millennium, at Vassar College 1999. A then buddy, Master Million (we’ll keep his name under wraps just in case), had met her at a party they were having somewhere on campus. Water B, and I were getting ready to host another episode of our weekly radio show, The Backwoodz, on WVKR. Master Million was a student and was attending some summer classes when he met Nadia, and some other girl, at a party they were attending. They were part of some acting troupe “summer camp thing”, and were at Vassar for a few weeks. Trying to “get in”, he suggested Nadia and her friend come to the “radio station” where his boys were having a show. They came through, and enjoyed the music that was going on in the studio. One week, turned into two, and then Nadia asked if we minded if she swung by to hang out while we broadcasts. A few more weeks and some good conversation (maybe a spliff or 15) later, a great friendship was born which has lasted ever since. She later acquired the nickname, Breeze, from Water B because in his words; “Every time she comes in the room, its like a fresh breeze”.

One of the lasting conversations I can remember with her, involved a documentary that she wanted to do about the women of South Africa who have to endure the hardships of the incessant threat of rape. Being from South Africa, this struck home from her and while her plans may have been “back burnered” a bit, I don’t think they have completely dissolved. Time will tell.

A breeze that emits:I AM AN ACTOR...i was born and raised on the STAGE not realizing from a young age I always made the world my own stage. I do it so i dont have to take myself seriously...i do it because i am extraordinarily fascinated by the human conditioning....therefore as an ACTOR it is my job to

"enlighten the human condition"

Yes, yes, yes my name will be in lights..but behold the name will live in infamy

I am African..with no classification beyond that

I believe we are all connected so get off DAT BULLSHIT!!!

and I have an appetite to KNOW people!”


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